Splendeur de Vie
Narcos II (ISO 166)x Kantate du Syre (Quouglof Rouge - ISO 130)
born:  April 15, 2006 - Normandy, France
Olga de Vie, full sister to Splendeur, at Fontainebleau.  Two clear rounds at
4-year-old National Finals- August, 2006 (despite the deluge of rain)
Splendeur came to Alabama on October 21, 2006 after a week-long trip from France.  She left Normandy on October 13th, loaded up for
Paris then caught a flight to England.  In England, she boarded another plane bound for New York where she remained in quarantine for 60
hours.  After being cleaned from ear to hoof, she loaded up for Lexington, Kentucky where she stayed for 24 hours until my mother and I
picked her up.  We rejoiced over our new foal and then transported her back to Alabama where she met Jonathan for the first time.  She
declared a love for Bermuda grass and Ole Bull.  She had many visitors in her first 48 hours here.

Splendeur is dark bay/brown and she should top out around 17 hands.
With Mom
April, 2007
Splendeur- October, 2006
With Jonathan
Lori and Splendeur-April, 2007
Look how she's grown!!!
Splendeur with Kantate-April, 2006
June, 2006
November, 2008