Lionshare CSF
2013 registered Holsteiner colt
Lotus T x Splendeur de Vie
Lionshare has to be the sweetest colt we've ever had.  He
is very even-tempered and level-headed.  During our
recent arctic weather, he was so happy to have his blanket
put on that he stood snuggling with me for quite a few
minutes afterward.

He stands for the farrier without difficulty.  He loads and
trailers like a seasoned pro.  We have been doing basic
groundwork, including working with tarps and "scary"
objects, with him which he seems to enjoy thoroughly (as
he enjoys ALL attention).

He received a Merit Foal designation at his Holsteiner
inspection, receiving a very high score of "8" for his
movement.  As seen in the picture to the right, he has a
lovely, flat-kneed trot which is big and elastic with plenty of
suspension.  His canter is round and ground-covering.

In the field, we have witnessed him jumping in perfect form
over tall grass; knees high and tight up to his chin.

We bred our mare, Splendeur de Vie to Lotus T because
her foal needed height, elasticity, refinement and an easy
demeanor.  We think we've succeeded tremendously.

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Splendeur de Vie, page for insight
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